EPPICARD All States from ITW App Reviews

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Works great

Set up an account online first. Then set up the app. Works great!!


Worth it.

Great tech support!

I initially had a little trouble getting this app to work. But shortly after contacting support they kindly showed me how to fix it. App works like it says and great tech support who was super fast and dedicated to helping me solve the problem!


Initially I struggled to login but it was very minor, after that had no issues. Very very convenient for me to view my balance on the card and not having to worry about calling or getting on the website, really glad someone finally made an App for this!!


I checked with eppic they say this app is ok. It is truly amazing. I spoke to the developer they said itll have transaction history in a few weeks! Cant wait. I can check my balance in 5 seconds now!

EPPICARD App is an Awesome App!

Im pretty much happy with the eppicard app for the simple fact that it is quicker & simpler to log in and check my balance from my phone or iPad ANYWHERE w/o having to wait like I do when I go on my phone browser or when i am NOT in front of a computer. Its such a convenience. I had a password question so i emailed support & i got a response call that same day within a few hours! Much appreciated! ~ Mrs. M. Saenz

Crap! Dont waste your money!

This app does not work! Dont waste your money!!!!!! I couldnt even log in! I didnt want to give it any stars!

Doesnt WORK

That this would be nice to have but I just wasted $2

This app is AWESOME

It just works…no more 4 minutes of fumbling with my phones browser…4 second with this app and I dont have to pay 50 cents every time I need balance anymore!

Less is more

Very simple. All I wanted to see whats the balance on the card and it did. Thank you.

This Mom Rocks!

This app is outstanding! It truly helps a lot and is very convenient for keeping up with your kids money and balance. Thank you for all your hard work. Ive had 7 friends and family members get the app today.

Thank you!

I am so glad "theres an app for that"!! I have started using my iPad and iPhone apps for all of our budget and bill paying. It helps tremendously to be able to have this app available. Ive just started using the Eppicard app. So far, so good! Thanks again!


Love this! It has made managing my account so much simpler! Thank you!

Didnt work

I tried to use it to check my balance over and over and my history it just keeps saying my password is wrong even though Im logged in on my browser with that same password!?


I love this app. Very user friendly!!! One of my favs!!!

Doesnt work

After you type in the user name go on to password and pin# it just stays stuck there theres no option to go on to the next step .. Waste of time and space on my phone

It worked for me :)

My eppicard is out of Texas and this app worked immediately for me. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!

Works great in Illinois!

Works perfectly for checking my balance on my Illinois child-support time. Thank you!

Works great for checking balance!

Im a user from Texas. It works perfectly for me. Very useful! Since this app download costs money, it would be nice if the ad within was removed.

Excited but...

Super excited to finally have an app for my Eppi Card that lets me quickly and easily check my child support balance. But the ads at the bottom make me less excited since I paid a $1.99 for this app. It would make me excited again to see them gone!!

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